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Sonny Angel Store USA

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Dreams USA, Inc.

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Alan Buff


2 Charles Street, Suite 3B, Providence, RI 02904






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Products Sold

Mini-figures and other items from Dreams USA.

Sales figures

All products are sold while supply lasts. We make every effort to keep inventory availability information up to date on the site. In the rare occurrence when product you ordered is out of stock, we will contact you by phone or e-mail.

Other Costs

Please refer to our shipping cost chart for details. Please also note that sales tax will be collected where required by law.

Delivery time

We will make every effort to ship all orders for in-stock merchandise within 5-10 business days after the order is placed.

Payment Options

SonnyAngelUSA.com requires credit card payments to process your order. Credit Card customers must enter their CVV (code on back of card) to complete a transaction.

Defective Product Return Policy

We have developed what we believe is a fair return policy, as stated below. Please note that by purchasing goods from Sonny Angel / Dreams USA, you have agreed to the following terms. Note: All International sales are final. - See more at: www.sonnyangelusa.com

Returning Products

Sales at Sonnyangelusa.com are final. Most figures we sell are collectible, made in limited runs and are often hand-painted or assembled. Slight imperfections are typical with this kind of product and, in fact, often enhance the value. However, if your merchandise has a significant defect right out of the box (e.g., the product is broken, has missing parts, etc.), we'll be happy to exchange it for a non-damaged item. All other sales at Store.Sonnyangelusa.com are final. Please keep in mind that Sonny Angel / Dreams USA cannot replace specific blind box figures. If the defective figure you received from Sonnyangelusa.com was blind boxed, we will gladly replace it with another blind box. We cannot, however, guarantee that you will be given the same figure you received originally. To begin the return process, please sign in to your Sonnyangelusa.com account and follow the instructions below within FOURTEEN (14) DAYS from the date of receipt. A Sonny Angel / Dreams USA Customer Support Representative will contact you within 72 hours. Please note: Sonny Angel / Dreams USA will only accept defective returns for items that are received in their original packaging. Accessories, plastic packaging, and anything else that came with the item must be included as well. If your return does not meet these conditions, you'll be charged a 15% or $15 re-stocking fee, whichever is greater, or have your defective merchandise returned to you. Items damaged due to customer abuse or negligence will not be accepted. store.sonnyangelusa.com only accepts returns for items purchased at store.sonnyangelusa.com. To return or exchange a Sonny Angel / Dreams USA product purchased at a non-Sonny Angel / Dreams USA store, please contact the store where the purchase was made and follow their return and exchange guidelines. store.sonnyangelusa.com will not accept returns or exchanges on items purchased from any other stores. We understand that the box/packaging is art itself, however, Sonny Angel / Dreams USA will not exchange/return an item due to defective/damaged packaging. How to Make a Return Within FOURTEEN (14) days from the date of receipt, please contact customerservice@dreams6.com and provide the order number, reason for return and a return e-mail address. Within 72 hours, a Sonny Angel / Dreams USA Customer Support Representative will evaluate your return request and contact you with a RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER (RA#). If your return is accepted (see Defective Return policy above), follow the return instructions provided by our Customer Support Staff, use suitable packing materials (please send it back in a shipping box for safety!), and make sure to write your RA# on the outside of your box. Our Returns Department will refuse orders that are returned without an RA#. Once the return is received, you will be contacted via email. It's that simple. Thanks again for shopping with Sonny Angel / Dreams USA! We'll continue to work hard to make it worth your while to order from us again in the future!
NOTE: The only way to complete an order on Store.SonnyAngelUSA.com should be to make payment at the time the order is placed.

Terms of Service
Please read this User Policy carefully before using the Sonny Angel Store.
If you start shopping at the Sonny Angel Store, your agreement with this User Policy is implied.

Terms of Service

About the Sonny Angel Store

- Customers must register as members to use the Sonny Angel Store.
- Membership includes the services below:
* Members may exchange their Sonny Angel Points (hereinafter "SA Points") for gifts.
* Members can check their balance and history of SA Points.
* Any other service offered to members from time to time on the Sonny Angel Store.

The Sonny Angel store doesn’t allow an individual to set up multiple accounts by using different addresses, contact numbers, email addresses, and/or account names. (This includes setting up various accounts using the names of friends or family members). If we find suspicious accounts, we reserve the right to delete those accounts and any accumulated SA points.
Thank you for your understanding.

Use of SA Points

- Customers may redeem their SA Points for gifts found on the Sonny Angel Point page.
- If customers redeem their SA Points for gifts, their accumulated points will be reduced by an amount corresponding to the number of points required for those gifts.
- Even though SA Points will be reduced through redemption, Membership Rank will not change until the end of the SA Point year.
- SA Points may not be used for discounts on merchandise on the Sonny Angel Store.
- SA Points have no cash value.

ID and Password

- Only registered users may use this website.
- It is not allowed to transfer or lease your ID or password to someone else.
- It is not allowed to change the user name once registered.
- Security of your User ID and password is the responsibility of the user. We bear no responsibility or fault for illegal use of your user identity.
- We never ask customers for their ID or password. We make every effort to safeguard your personal information and will not be held responsible should your information somehow be compromised. If you forget your User ID or password, you may not be allowed to gain access to the website.

Email address registration

- - The email address you register with the Sonny Angel Store will be used to send User ID and password reminders if necessary. We will also use the registered email address to reply to inquiries on the Contact form.
- - If customers change or delete their registered email address, they should change their registration information as soon as possible.

Change of registered information

- To make changes to your User Profile, follow the instruction on the "Members Registration" page to change your personal information.
- We bear no responsibility for damages caused by your failure to maintain an accurate User Profile.

Prohibited matter

The following acts are prohibited in order to insure the smooth operation of the site and maintain the SA Point program.
1) Use of the ID and password of another person.
2) Forgery or other adulteration of SA Points, exchange record or any other information related to our service.
3) Any act that impedes the normal business operation of the site.
4) Putting other users at a disadvantage or confusing another user by providing false information or otherwise deceiving them.
5) Any other act which is against the law.
If the company is harmed by the willful acts of a user, we may claim damages from the abuser.

Cancellation of registration

If a user commits any of the following acts, we may cancel his/her membership eligibility and right to use our website without notification. In this case, his/her SA Points and membership rank will be erased.
- Any action contrary to this User Policy.
- Users neglect to use the change procedure to notify us that they have moved or changed their contact information and we are unable to reach them.
If a user’s registration is canceled, his/her SA Points and Membership Rank cannot be restored even if they register again.

Modification of User Policy

Modification of User Policy
We may modify this User Policy at any time without prior notice. Changes to this User Policy will appear on the site when implemented.
Users will be regarded as if they have agreed to any policy modifications if they maintain their membership.