Sonny Angel Gift Wrapping Bag!

These bags make presents for your someone special even better!

The Sonny Angel Gift Wrapping Bag is a Sonny Angel USA Store exclusive!
Sonny Angel’s symbolic “Rabbit” motif gift bag is available in 2 sizes, large and small.
The small size gift bags are good for small gifts and can hold up to 3 pieces of our individual Sonny Angel.
The large size gift bags can hold 1 assort box of Sonny Angel. It's the perfect size bag to carry around, and can be used as more than just a gift bag!
The Sonny Angel gift bags will make every gift special!

♦Sonny Angel Gift Wrapping Bag Large price: $6.00
♦Sonny Angel Gift Wrapping Bag Small price: $4.50
※SA Point will not be granted for this product.

■About Purchase
・Order limit: 2 pieces of each size (Large size & Small Size) per order.
・Gift Wrapping Bag is not sold individually, please purchase together with other Sonny Angel products in store.
・Orders of Gift Wrapping Bag only will be canceled.
・Bag will be supplied together with other ordered items, gift wrapping will not be done for you.
・Please note that orders like those listed below may be adjusted or cancelled by us without any notice.
* Bulk purchase that seemed like for they are for resale.
* Order with too many pieces of a specific product.
* Order using a forwarding service agency.