Master Collection Rabbit (2019) ※Limited

1pc: $75.00


“MASTER COLLECTION”, a new lineup from “Sonny Angel” who has been delivering healing to you based on the concept of “He may bring you happiness”!
The modeling gives a sense of life which has been made by a skilled teacher and the painting gives the depth to the handmade feeling also adds new charm to Sonny Angel.
In this first series, the most popular rabbit will bring healing and happiness to all around the world.


A special figure that brings happiness to loved ones.

“MASTER COLLECTION” is made of poly stone and has a special feeling.
There are angel wings on the back, which is also a characteristic of Sonny Angel. It looks like a real soft wing.


The gentle expression seems to watch over you at any time. It gives a warm atmosphere that will heal you in a moment.
It is a great Sonny Angel gift for yourself and loved ones.



Rabbit H 15.2cm W 6.3cm D 4.0cm

Price: $75.00

★ Order Limit: Up to 1 piece per customer ★
(Please be aware that the orders with duplicated names, address, phone numbers or IDs may be cancelled without prior notice).

[About this product]

Due to the characteristics of the material, discoloration may occur over time.
Please handle it with care, such as placing it in a place away from direct sunlight.



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