Circus Series (2019) ※Limited

1 Blind Box:$10.00 / Assort Box (Contains 12 Blind Boxes):$120.00

In the newest special series, Sonny Angel is dressed and ready for the circus!
The theme of this Circus Series is “a sense of the extraordinary and mysterious”.

The Sonny Angel Circus Series will bring you joy and laughter with whimsical colors and fun designs. Ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages… the circus is starting right now in your room!

Collect all six Sonny Angels and enter into a world of fun at the Sonny Angel Circus.

Total lineup of 6 different figures + Secret figures.

* The secret figures are distributed randomly and may not always be included in one assort box.

◆ 1 Blind Box: $10.00
◆ 1 Assort Box (Contains 12 Blind Boxes): $120.00
* Figures are distributed randomly. Please note that this assort box may not include all figures in the series.

■Get the Sticker Set and Display card for free* with the Circus Series !

By purchasing the "Sonny Angel mini figure Circus Series", you will receive an original Sticker Set! Purchace 4 or more and receive the Display Card!!

**The Sticker set will be included with every purchase of Sonny Angel Mini Figure Circus Series. The Display card will be included with every purchase of 4 or more pieces of Sonny Angel Mini Figure Circus Series.
*Please note: For orders of large quantities or multiple orders from the same customer, you may be asked to adjust the quantity or your order may be canceled.
*Sticker and Display Card Quantities are limited. These items will be distributed until we run out of stock.

Up to 2 Assort Boxes (24 Blind Boxes).
*Please be aware that the orders with duplicated names, address, phone numbers or IDs may be cancelled without prior notice.

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