New York Series (2019) ※Limited

1 Blind Box:$10.00 / Assort Box (Contains 12 Blind Boxes):$120.00

Chriistmas Series 2018

Chriistmas Series 2018

Chriistmas Series 2018

!n this new special series, you can find glamorous NYC-style Sonny Angels!
Each figure expresses NYC culture with features and images inspired by The Big Apple!
Each Sonny Angel has a pop and flashy motif, different from usual ones. You can surely feel the pleasant atmosphere of NYC!

Chriistmas Series 2018

NY city designed “Display Kit Box” will also be available !!
The “Display Kit Box” is a set of 4 Sonny Angel, plus a special Display.Decorate together with these Sonny Angels that will make your room feel like NYC!


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GOLD Member : from September 4  

SILVER Member : from September 9

Angel Member : from September 12



Up to 2 Assort Boxes (24 Blind Boxes).
*Please be aware that the orders with duplicated names, address, phone numbers or IDs may be cancelled without prior notice.