Sonny Angel 15th Anniversary Limited Edition Mook Book (2020) ※Limited


Cactus Series 2020

Sonny Angel celebrated the 15th anniversary of being born in Japan as a “small boyfriend” that brings you healing and a smile. The second complete guidebook that covers all history of 15 years will be released!!

There are many fascinating contents such as complete guide of 979 Sonny Angel figures (Including secrets!) released until 2019 and the interview of Toru Soeya, the creator of Sonny Angel, along with Sonny Angel Designer!!

And there are so much other contents to make Sonny Angel fans excited, such as back story of his birth and the design philosophy.

Cactus Series 2020

In addition, we will also announce the results of “Sonny Angel Regular Series General Election ~ Your Favorite Sonny Angel ~” held in November 2019!!
See if your favorite Sonny Angel became the best one!

Cactus Series 2020

Limited edition figures of Sonny Angel and Robby Angel, commemorating the 15th anniversary, are included as a set ♪
The very popular rabbit headgear Sonny Angel and his friend Robby Angel will enliven the 15th anniversary with you!

Enjoy this book and look back on your memories with Sonny Angel ♪

◆Sonny Angel 15th Anniversary Limited Edition

Up to 2 sets.
*Please be aware that the orders with duplicated names, address, phone numbers or IDs may be cancelled without prior notice.

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