Sonny Angel Store Membership

Membership Registration

To enjoy shopping at Sonny Angel Store, you need to register for an account. Registration is free!

SA Points (Sonny Angel Points)

When you purchase items at Sonny Angel Store, you will collect SA Points which you will be able to exchange for special items . The amount of SA Points you accumulate also affects your membership rank.

About Membership Rank

Your membership rank will be determined by how many SA Points you accumulate from April 1-March 31.
Regular members : People who have registered.
Angel members : People who collect 1 ~ 59 points within a year.
Silver members : People who collect 60 ~ 99 points within a year.
Gold members : People who collect more than 100 points within a year.

  • * Your rank for the next period will be determined by the points collected in the previous year.
  • * Your rank will be valid for one year.

Year Cycle (Point Collection Period)

Each 1 year cycle begins on April 1st and runs through March 31st of the following year.

  • * Points will be reset each year on April 1st.
  • *You cannot restore SA Points after they are reset, so we highly recommend that you use your accumulated points as soon after earning them as possible.

How Your Rank Will Change Year to Year

Ex:Your rank for the following year will be Silver.
Although you are a Silver member, your accumulated only 40 points this year so your rank for next year will be Angel.
If you collect enough points during the year, you can improve your rank to the next level(s) in the middle of the year.

Checking Your SA Point Total & Membership Rank

Log into your account and you can check your current SA Point total and membership rank at the SA POINTS & MEMBERSHIP RANK section.
SA Points will be added or updated after your order has been shipped.


Please note that orders may be adjusted or cancelled by us without notice for reasons such as:.
* Bulk purchases which appear to be for resale.
* Orders requesting too many pieces of a specific product.
* Orders using a forwarding service agency.
* Orders requesting shipment outside of the United States or Canada.
* The SA Member Rank system may change at any time without notice.