• Double SAPoint Campaign!
  • Christmas Presents from Sonny Angel
  • Sonny Angel in Space Adventure 2020
  • SMISKI Cheers
  • Sonny Angel in Wonderland 2020
  • Sky Color Series
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About Sonny AngelAbout Sonny Angel
  • Double SAPoint Campaign!lStarting November 19th 2020, SonnyAngelUSA.com will launch the Double SAPoint Campaign!All SAPoints must be used for prizes until December 31st, and ALL SAPoints expire January 1st 2021.
  • Christmas Presents from Sonny AngelThis Christmas, Sonny Angel has a Christmas present for you♪Dressed in Santa Claus costume, Sonny Angel has prepared gifts for you including a snow globe, poinsettia, and mittens. Another of the gifts is a plush version of Sonny Angel's friend, Robby.
  • Sonny Angel in Space Adventure 2020Sony Angel wearing costumes of various motifs such as astronauts, rockets, sun and moon will appear under the theme of "space"! Please also pay attention to the unique design that makes you want to imagine the story of adventure.
  • SMISKI is in your corners! Smiski are curious little creatures that love all sorts of corners and small spaces.
  • Sonny Angel in Wonderland 2020Sonny Angel got lost in Wonderland!?Sonny Angel mini figure Sonny Angel in Wonderland is released with the theme of the world-famous fairy tale Alice in Wonderland!
  • ROBBY ANGEL COLLECTOR’S TROPHY BLUE“Sonny Angel” has delivered healing to everyone with the concept of “He may bring you happiness” .
    As a collector's item, a new Robby Angel has appeared in the very popular collector's trophy!
  • Sonny Angel of the “Sky Color Series” released in 2017 is now available in a pastel colored costume. We will decorate your daily life with the motif of the weather familiar to our lives.
  • Sonny Angel attracts you by his cute looks, fragrance and touch feeling.
  • sonny angel tax rate changeThe second complete guidebook that covers all history of 15 years will be released!! Sonny Angel celebrated the 15th anniversary of being born in Japan as a “small boyfriend” that brings you healing and a smile.
  • sonny angel tax rate changeWe are pleased to announce the launch of the Sonny Angel Cactus Series. A worthy successor to last year’s wildly successful Cherry Blossom series, each Sonny Angel in this new series is wearing cactus headgear.
  • sonny angel tax rate change Let’s go out together with your favorite Sonny Angel! This easy to carry carrying case will make you stay with your favorite angel at anytime. Also has a inner pocket for carry along other items.
  • sonny angel tax rate change This year's theme is “An adult style Valentine telling you“ LOVE ”. Sonny Angel, as your boyfriend, will appear dressed up in stylish fashion. Sonny Angel gives a gorgeous impression different as usual by wearing a collared shirt with bow tie.
  • New Refined:『Sonny Angel mini figure Vegetable Series』 Vegetable Series has a motif of Vegetable. It seems that the colorful Sonny Angel is coming to the kitchen. Enjoy the refined Sonny Angel and experience the differences.
  • Regular series has been refined! Sonny Angel Marine Series mini figures are wearing headgear of sea creatures!
  • Regular series has been refined! Sonny Angel Fruit Series mini figures is designed with colorful fruits colors!
  • Gorgeous New York style Sonny Angel is now ready to go! This time is dressed in motifs such as Broadway and Big Apple, expressing New York culture and atmosphere. Pop and fancy Sonny Angel is bit different from the former ones. Let’s enjoy New York together!
  • start up campaignSonny Angel’s symbolic “Rabbit” motif gift bag are now available!