• Circus Series
  • Sonny Angel 15th Anniversary Cake
  • Sonny Angel Seoul Series
  • Valentine Series 2019
  • Painted by Robby
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About Sonny AngelAbout Sonny Angel
      • Circus Series 2019 In the newest special series, Sonny Angel is dressed and ready for the circus!The theme of this Circus Series is “a sense of the extraordinary and mysterious”. The Sonny Angel Circus Series will bring you joy and laughter with whimsical colors and fun designs.
      • New Release: Sonny Angel mini figure -15th Anniversary Cake- Sonny Angel is dressed in birthday cakes to celebrate his 15th Anniversary!! The color of the birthday cakes and the animals’ expressions will surely give you that “yummy” feeling.
      • Sonny Angel Seoul Series New Release: In celebration of the launch of the new Sonny Angel USA website, we invite you to enjoy limited quantities of special series from around the world!
      • start up campaignSonny Angel’s symbolic “Rabbit” motif gift bag are now available!
      • Valentine Series 2019 Sonny Angel Valentine's Day series! Enjoy Sonny Angel like a real chocolate!
      • PAINTED BY ROBBY In this Vol. 14 Sonny Angel Artist Collection, Uribou, the Chinese Zodiac sign for 2019, joins the classic rabbit.
      • AC Sonny Angel Artist Collection -My Sweet Honey-
      • Christmas Series 2018 Christmas Series 2018