• Smiski Bed Series
  • Painted by Robby
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About Sonny AngelAbout Sonny Angel
      • Regular series has been refined! Sonny Angel Marine Series mini figures are wearing headgear of sea creatures!
      • Regular series has been refined! Sonny Angel Fruit Series mini figures is designed with colorful fruits colors!
      • Gorgeous New York style Sonny Angel is now ready to go! This time is dressed in motifs such as Broadway and Big Apple, expressing New York culture and atmosphere. Pop and fancy Sonny Angel is bit different from the former ones. Let’s enjoy New York together!
      • start up campaignSonny Angel’s symbolic “Rabbit” motif gift bag are now available!
      • PAINTED BY ROBBY In this Vol. 14 Sonny Angel Artist Collection, Uribou, the Chinese Zodiac sign for 2019, joins the classic rabbit.
      • AC Sonny Angel Artist Collection -My Sweet Honey-